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Vintage Sterling Art Deco Rhinestone Fruit Salad Glass French Necklace Set Rare

Vintage Jewelry Addiction

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This is one of the MOST Beautiful SETS EVER!
To have a matching set is even harder to find!
The construction is a shear masterpiece
Front And Back 
Pored Glass-Gripoix-Rhinestone-Molded Carved Melon Glass-Clear Paste Rhinestones Early 
Circa 1930-1940 the latest
Heavy Solid Dimensional
The stones are amazing! The colors amazing..everything about them!
Hundred and hundreds of Clear Paste rhinestones
(Some are missing)
Measures 18.5" Long(Measured with a string this type of construction a necklace does not just sprall out straight)
from the side most all is 1/2" high (Glass)
Feel free t email me if this construction looks familiar I would love to know who made this masterpiece
Necklace clasp is signed "MADE IN FRANCE"
The brooch is unsigned)

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